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    Default 3.851 feels heavier *75 mile road trip report*

    Just got my 3.851 in this morning and I have to say it feels like its heavier than my 3.826.

    Time to go program and see how she does in k death of dover!

    Well, I had to run down to rehobeth to pick up my credit card I left the other night. First impressions I picked up 2 K band alerts on 1 south that I have never picked up before kind of weird.

    All the driving today was done in A mode except in rehobeth where I moved it to Big L.

    The first KA band trap I ran into was very well setup. Around a turn, with lots of bushes. Basically got a alert and slowed from 65 to 58MPH in about 2 seconds then I was on top of him. Here is the weird thing he was only running his front antenna which makes no sense at all. I guess he was looking for someone to fly past him. Because as soon as I passed him the V1 alerted to full and held it until I turned off.

    I pulled off the road about 1/4 mile past him, and did a u-turn to try it again. However he had already gotten someone. So I waited at a gas station for a few minutes until he was done and all he did was go back to the same place. So I went back out for another run and same exact results. Barely no alert coming around the turn then a few miles of alert on going away. very odd.

    While in rehobeth I picked up several Ka hits but I never did ID the officer.

    Coming home on 1 north, I got a strong Ka alert so I slowed down. waited waited waited at the limit and found nothing but I was getting a 3 bar Ka alert. WTF!!! So I was like man he must be way back there catching up this way. So 10 miles later I'm still getting the alert at this time I knew it was someones POS detector. So I just pulled off at a gas station and waited. about 25 seconds later I pop back on 1 north and 2 minutes later I get a Ka alert WTF!!! Same thing as before, 3 bars then nothing. Then 1 bar, nothing. Only this time its infront of me so sure enough I know 100% it was a crappy detector.

    So I hit the left lane to go detector hunting and sure enough when I was about 5 miles from Dover I finally found the sucker. It was a woman in a gold ugly 2 door pt cruiser with a RMR mounted up by the rear view mirror pointing at the stars!!! I paced her and just stared trying to her attention but she was to busy on the telephone to notice she was about to get some lip service.

    So after 75 miles I'm back at square one. As of right now I can't say 3.851 did any better than my 3.826. It did not J out the RMR which I wish it would have.

    More to follow.

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    W00t w00t. Let us know if anyting else changed that you can tell.

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    Keep us updated, im really thinking of sending mine in but the $75 charge is making me guess what i should do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hookem202
    Keep us updated, im really thinking of sending mine in but the $75 charge is making me guess what i should do.
    Ebay your current one and buy a new V1! You'll probably come close to breaking even :twisted:



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