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    Default My Navi screen sets off laser alert

    Just found this by accident the other day and it doesnt cause any problems because of location but thought it was odd that it did this.

    We have a Lexus RX330 with Navi (of course) and I was just hooking up my V-1 and happened to bring it right up in front to my navi-screen and it sets of the Laser constantly until I move it away?

    LOL.....when it did that I had the wife slam on the brakes and I bout craped my pants--luckely I had a firm graso on the V-1 or that would have went flying :shock:

    Now what behind that screen could be setting off the Laser?

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    yes it does, when i take my v1 off it alerts laser to my nav as well

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    It's probably the pulse rate of the CFL backlight used on LCD panels that causes the alert.

    Jim, you use your laptop while driving? :shock:
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpatz
    Jim, you use your laptop while driving? :shock:
    Yeah, I don't want to miss anything on the forum :wink:

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    Maybe I should do the same - Live streaming video on Knight Street!

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbonzzz
    Quote Originally Posted by kpatz
    Jim, you use your laptop while driving? :shock:
    Yeah, I don't want to miss anything on the forum :wink:



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