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    Default Email to VR concerning the "E" dislpay

    This is a copy of the email I just sent to Vr: “E” being displayed on occasion. I know VR updated to 3.851, I just had mine done and now will send In my wife’s V1 for the same thing. One person reported that VR told him (when he saw the “E”) display – to send it back to VR. Is the “E” display associated only with the 3.851 and what does this exactly mean? I am wondering if this is peculiar only to the 3.851 because of the temperature compensation thing from analog to digital or can any version display the “E” under certain circumstances. What is the cause and what is the remedy? I hope mine was checked out functionally before sending it back to me. Please ask a tech to provide details .I am concerned, and now I am concerned somewhat that if I see the “E” display that my V1 is malfunctioning.

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    I get it too only if the unit is hot though other then that it works fine



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