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    Default Questions about V1 During my Vacation Trip

    I made a trip for my vacation last week. The trip was 480 miles (one way) and during my trip I experienced a couple laser alerts that left me puzzled. One was about a 1/4 mile beyond a toll booth in Delaware. It was overcast at the time so I don't know if the sun could have played a part. The laser alert came on for about 3 seconds then stopped. About 750 feet in front of me were two police cars but I never saw any LEO's standing outside the vehicles.

    Another was on my way back. The alert kept going off and on periodically over a distance of maybe 2 miles. This led me to suspect maybe someone in another car had active jamming installed in their vehicle and I was picking it up.

    I also noticed the laser alarm triggered every time I went through a toll booth so I figure they must have something there like a photocell and paid it no mind.

    Incidently, my Valentine was wonderful in alerting me to radar traps. I went through 8 of them and had plenty of warning each time. Two of them occurred when I was letting my relatives take my 350Z for a spin and they were very impressed.

    I can't say for certain I encountered any laser traps as I never saw any LEO's with a gun pointing down the road including the first one mentioned above.


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    v1's are know for falsing from chevy trailblazers 3rd brake light and some laser cruise controlled infinitys

    some tollways i get laser

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    My test V1 would throw Laser alerts around certain truck brake lights, various signs, unexplainably and by the neon lights out front of a Hoss's Steak and Seafood house. I'm eager to see how my current V1 behaves.



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