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    Default Delay in processing 3.826 upgrade

    Has anyone else experienced a delay with V1 upgarding your unit to 3.626? They've had mine for just about two weeks and it's still not done. They must be very busy but I really want this thing back.

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    Uhh yeah, call and figure out what in the hell they are doing. Most users had there's gone for 7-10 days including ship time.

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    Sent mine out for this last Thursday, it arrived in Cincinnati Monday, was shipped out Tuesday, and delivered today. So no, I haven't experienced any delay, in fact I am pleased with the speed of this service. What version did you have, was it a software upgrade like mine (3.824) or was it an older version? I upgraded my older ones last year and this was just a "trade in" for new units, which was fast also. Have you called them about it?

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    i just bought another one and trying to sell the other on ebay

    ordered yesterday morning and ill have it by tom morning

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    3.825 to 3.826 turnaround was 7 days. This was just as the 3.851 news broke.



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