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    Default New V1 with "J" mode

    Just received my new V1, with the latest software version, from V1 yesterday. Had to drive 80 miles today on the interstate and on the way back, this is what happened.

    I was in the left lane, driving above the speed limit, when the V1 lit up on KA band. The road was rather curvy, so the threat increased considerably when road straightened out. The state trooper, traveling in the other direction, was following a car very closely, and had traffic ahead of him, which blocked some of the radar siginal, but again, the signal strength meter was increasing as I was traveling towards him. When I saw him, the bogey counter pointed forward and then to the side, and then "J" mode kicked in. All silence then. I was in "L" Advanced Logic mode.

    I called V1 and they said they have heard of this occurence and they said they can contribute this to some of the older radar guns putting out a different frequency at very close range, which confuses the radar detector. He said there is nothing to worry about, since the further away I am from the radar source, I would still pick up the signal. Seems kind of "iffy" to me.

    Let's say I am traveling towards a police cruiser, who is parked on the side of the road, using KA band instant on. Isn't it then possible for him to instant on my vehicle and my radar detector detect it as a "J" junk radar detector?

    Just curious. I know this may have been discussed here before, but I can't seem to find the thread.

    Please respond if you are aware of this situation.



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    I think this is what you are looking for:

    Can you check your firmware version to verify that you do, in fact, have rev. 3.824? Because if you do then they still have the problem that the upgrade was supposed to fix.

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    I will check the firmware version and report back here tomorrow.


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    Isn't it then possible for him to instant on my vehicle and my radar detector detect it as a "J" junk radar detector?
    well it'll still go off. and at close range the odds are you'll be able to see him anyway.



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