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    Default V1 K-Band Programming

    I use option 7 which enables mute of K band for a period of time set by B,C, and D) is only active in the V1 Logic Modes (l or L).

    B, C, and D are set to 1, so there should be a 30 sec delay on K-band (unless it's unmuted by the over-ride E and F).

    It does not seem to work on my V1.

    When the K band is muted, am I supposed to still see the lights, but not the sound.... or not see lights and sound ?


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    I'm pretty sure that K-Band muting was "broken" in 3.818 and 3.824, and wasn't fixed until 3.825. But, I'm not sure about 3.821.

    If you are certain that you programmed it correctly, then you might want to call Valentine Research and ask about the issue, or consider sending it in for an upgrade.

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    In l mode you will see the alert but not hear it, in L mode you wont see it or hear it. When I first messed with the K band automute I didnt know this and I thought target turned off their doors.



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