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    Default v1 detected gatso late

    My mate called earlier and we went for a drive, we were out a good 40 mins and across a few gatsos which it picked up very good...

    Then we drove towards a gatso which is normaly live, the v1 stopped quiet?! until we were next to it then it went nearly full strength.

    so we came back towards it and it was still quiet until we were next to it, and it did the same.

    So i unplugged the v1 and plugged it back in... we then drove towards the back of the gatso and it picked it up normal......

    This has p***** me off becuase i cant go out and test it with my car being written off....

    I think i've got a door sensor somewhere from when i was a kid and collected anything electronic :roll:

    but i cant find it.....grrrgrrrr so i now have my v1 pluged in and i'm wanting to find this door sensor and see if i can repeat the problem..

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    what rev. number is it, supposedly the 3.851 has improved euro mode

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    its 3.796 its non euro.. but the gatsos are on k band and it picks them up at 300 meters sometimes.....

    thing which i think has happened is that after when its been turned on for a while, it seemed to have extremely low sensitivity, as if it lost its sensitivity.. it needed a close level of radar to wake up..... but once i'd unplugged it and pluged it back in it was ok...

    i've routed my sensor out and its picking that up, its 24.125 ghz k band one......

    well i've had it switched on for 2 hours and its detecting the sensor everytime.

    so i'm sure its more to do with the power supply than the detector, unless its out of tune as mike says it may be..

    but if it was out of tune, then unplugging it and plugging it back in wouldnt make the v1 suddenly work ok if its out of tune..

    this leads me to think that its my mates cig lighters funky..
    because it was working 1 min and a few mins later that happened..

    it now seems to be working fine, and i've not been able to recreate the loss of detection.......

    so i'm not sending it in unless it does it again, reason is if we hadnt of driven passed a gatso i wouldnt have been aware that somethings wrong, i'd have then unplugged it and plugged it in my car and it would act the same as it is doing now..... so i wouldnt have known......

    i'm just putting this down to either a glitch in the cpu or bad power supply..

    i've also looked on the forum and a few people have had k band detection trouble, only to reset the v1 and all seems well, and no problems have accured..

    i wouldnt like to send it in for them to tell me what i already know...



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