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    Default Problem with my new V1, or the power cord??

    I got a V1 used a few days ago and it came with a direct wireing kit, which I hooked up. But my V1 has a mind of its own and im stumped: it only shows Ka, and is completely ramdom. It could be on the floor of my car in the garage, and just randomly pick up 3 bogeys in Ka mode... My friend has a V1, and when he nears and passes a threat, one of the bands lights, and the strength increases to full max beeping, then slowly goes down to nothing again (like it should). My detector just randomly turnes on, in the middle of nowhere, and may show several threats all in Ka mode (never L K Ku or any of that stuff). The factory preset shows everything that should be enabled is enabled. WHATS WRONG!!?? is something wrong with the power cord, did i set it up wrong? any suggestions are appreciated-

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    Sounds like you should send your v1 in for repair. Sorry.

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    was this an eBay deal?

    Why/ why? why? if it was,

    I would call V-1 and give them the serial numbers to make sure it was not stolen and has a clear history, and very nicely ask if they will service it for you. Expect to spend as much as $300.00 if it is a real old model to get it updated to their current standards.

    The sweet taste of a low price is always overridden by the bitter taste of a low quality product and poor service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Switchback
    The sweet taste of a low price is always overridden by the bitter taste of a low quality product and poor service.
    its a fact of life: "You get what you paid for"... and thats all there is to it



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