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    Default to upgrade or not to

    so i am currently running v1.8 software 3.789. To all of those out there i am looking for some feedback, should i send in my unit and have it upgraded to the latest and greatest, or perhaps it is too early with the recently release software version.

    vr says look at our website that will tell you.

    update: got a better response back from VR today basically saying i wouldn't benefit from an upgrade unless I wanted euro and pop.

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    although POP is not to be used as evidence in a speeding trial, ( as per owners manual of POP capable units) we all know there are leo's out there that do not play by the rules.

    I have my POP detection on because I have never had any issues, or any reason to turn it off, POP is just not used by me (meaning it is very doubtful anyone has units with POP mode around here) I just started to see KA in use this last 4 weeks as the tribal police have gotten some new toys. Most are still running K-band, and no laser has been seen around here for a hundred miles

    I think POP would be a good upgrade to get, everyone sems to like the version 3.826 for being the least "Buggy" of the assortment of versions out there. I have nothing to compare my 3.826 too though.

    a recieved POP transmission might give you a little warning that instant-on is in use nearby, if the leo decides to use that mode. But still doubtful becuase we all know instant-on is deadly enough, why go through the hassle? Unless it is a rookie playing with his new toy, trying to be all tough.

    Some people say you have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning, then getting hit by POP.

    Any other issues with your unit? No.
    if it ain't broke, don't fix it! and save some coin for an upgrade you think you'll need. I was under the impression the 3.826 and above have better laser capabilities. Is that a reason for you to upgrade?

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    I do not know what Switchback is saying here but YES get the upgrade. When version 3.826 came out a lot of bugs were fixed. It is defenitely worth the 75 dollars for the upgrade. Better Ka performance Pop performance with the upgrade.

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    two different opinions, both valid.

    Yes I was thinking newer hardware for laser....

    also aaseavey, do you of any sites that have testing done on 3.789. I have found some on 3.826 testing nothing on the 3.852 yet..I would love to see some distance numbers. I can't imagine hardware and software from 2002 would "not have a performance difference" comapred to today...logically speaking.

    feedback ALWAYS welcomed.


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    With 3.854 out now let's just all hang on for the ride and see what that new version brings us.

    V1 3.826

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