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    Default New to this forum but, have a questionable stealth idea!!!!!

    ok... for some basic information...

    I will be traveling on a few parkways roughly 40-50 miles per day, and there are PLENTY of spots for police to hide and always switching them up.

    The main problem of my drives is it will be at night time, so, i wont be able to see them in the damn bushes, or hills/wherever the may be.

    Ive came up with an idea but, not sure if it will work 100%... Ive been told that the radar detector works best on the windshield.... I wouldnt mind placing it there and hardwiring it but, it is there, people can see it, and i dont want that.

    Ive read a forum/site of someone placing their V1 in there 3rd brake light?

    I know radar works through plastic but not metal... but will it work 100%?

    ive read that "laser" will be disabled? but, even so, even when being lasered, isnt it to late? so would it matter?

    here are some pictures to what i plan to do....

    what do you guys think?

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    um, anyone?

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    as long as the detectors got a direct line of sight to the road, detection may not be affected.

    i've not tested a detector in this position so i have no idea how good it may be.

    what most do is mount the detector high and use a remote display so the v1 stops dark..



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