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Thread: upgrade or not

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    Default upgrade or not

    Hi everyone. I have a V1.7 which I purchased way back in 1998, it has memory retention plus laser warning. It has served me well and I am very happy with it. But since being on this forum, I am considering upgrading to the latest and greatest version. But reading about "E" and "J" problems plus ghosting, I am a little hesitant. My V1.7 works well but I wouldn't mind the updated Laser, smaller casing and more sensitve Ka band which is getting more popular I find. Also I find my K band range is not as good as I think it should be.

    Or maybe I should buy a new one instead of trading mine in to compare both. Please let me know your opinions.

    Also, anyone have a great way of mounting instead of using the suction method?


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    Update its worth it all the way around.

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    Yeah being that it is a 98 i would take the chance and upgrade....if your k band is lacking its prob alittle outta tune to..



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