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    Default This is funny

    I run a remote display for my V1 .826.
    Today just after i dropped the poor V1 onto my drive way i had to got back to my car and my sure she boots up alright and she did but as i was looking down onto the main units display it just so happen to be pretty close to the remote display which in turn set the laser off alert off on the main unit :shock: . So i know the laser detection going ok :wink:

    Dam i'm peed off about dropping it hope it still works just like before. Oh the worry Oh the sadness Oh this may get me a .354 8) or .356 or .358 or .360 or whatever the hell's out at the time :?

    2 hours later

    Well turned on 3 bands x, k, ka all are working just fine. Went out on the motor way where some LEO had a very nasty trap set up. In the dark over a long hill there the mothers where you could not see them at all! I was lucky enough to know they where there because some DH car boy had been torched down with lights a blazing. One Cop had laser while the other was siting in the car banging out Instant Ka. I believe the Guy with the laser gun was zapping from both directions while the guy in the car was zapping on going passing cars with low powered Ka. I also know this car to have a 35.5 Ghz kustom talon unit in it from my Rx65 days. These guys where completely in the dark and very very successful. I kind think the V1, STI, RX65 or the x50 would have been of no help at all if you where to be the unlucky target. :? M40 would be nice thou.

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    Glad its fine after you droped it man....sounds like a cool trap would be alot of fun haha..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghz1
    Today just after i dropped the poor V1 onto my drive way

    Did you see this thread? There's a 30 foot drop mentioned here. This reminds me of the old Timex commercial, "It takes a lickin and keeps on tickin."

    8) HAPPY HUNTING!! 8)



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