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    Default What occurs when you get an "E" error

    According to VR, if you get an "E" error on your V1 it should be sent in to fix it.

    So what happens to the V1 when there is an E on the display? From what I've read the "E" just sits there, there is no audible tone for it and you have to power-cycle the V1 for it to go away.

    Does the V1 still alert to radar threats if the "E" error is displayed?

    I would like to hear from VR on what exactly the "E" error is, and what causes it. Is it temperature related, or could it be any number of different errors?

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    It can be any number of different errors.

    Engine Spike can set it off?
    Over Heating?

    It DOES NOT alert to anything and AFAIK it stops receiving the radars and alerting you to them. It has no audible alert on the screen and yes you have to cycle power.

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    All it does is at some point it displays the "E" and thats all and u just have to catch it...NO tones at all what so ever on my 3.851. then i got the free upgrade to 3.852 and was satisfied

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    What happens if you push the mute button while the "E" is displayed? Does that clear the "E"?

    On my old 1.7 with a fried memory chip, it would show "E" when powered up but it would clear and function normal once I pushed the button.
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