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    Default Mike Valentine-The Final Word and Truth about V1

    : MikeV
    To: glockman30
    Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 9:15 am
    Subject: Re: Defend the best
    glockman30 wrote:
    I wish you would come back to the forum and defend yourself and the company from all the trash that is being talked about problems with the V1. If there is an issue that needs to be resolved let us know and I guarantee we would all wait for the "fix". You have hands down the best detector available and most of the people on this forum know it and can't wait for the next version to shut the Belscort owners up. Please consider the invitation or at least PM me back if you are not interested. Thanks for your consideration.

    PS-Everyone knows the quality control at Belscort is horrible as well as the customer service, so I look forward to many years of service with V-1.



    Thanks for your kind words.

    First, there really isn't any "problem" with V1. The small spate of "E" warning messages experienced by the earliest adopters were the result of our having tightened the threshold of accuracy that we expect from the V1. As you might guess, no matter how many prototypes one lab tests as well as field tests, sometimes new advances do a few unpredictable things when replicated by the thousands. We will enthusiastically make right any customer's V1 that actually has had a warning message. We're not so eager to fix problems that never did exist.

    As we have tried to explain (until we are blue in the face), the recent software version changes have been the result of our fine tuning to match subtle variations in some parts supplied by our vendors. We are not trying to hide problems, we are trying to make a very good product even more uniform and repeatable, hence the tighter self-scrutiny of the newest V1. Some that hear this will jump to the unwarranted conclusion that we are madly scurrying around trying to "fix" some terrible quality problems, leaving abused customers in our wake. I've actually read complete threads devoted to such speculation. It's pointless to elaborate further since there are those on the forum who will grasp at the thinnest reed in order to make a negative point.

    This atmosphere led to hyperventilating over one customer's problem ( with a V1 control knob position. It could easily be solved by simply removing the knob and re-positioning it on the shaft. Someone exceeded the twisting torque limit of the knob-to-shaft coupling when turning the V1 power switch to "off" at some point. The knob merely slipped to a new (and wrong) position on the shaft because it was twisted too hard against the stop. "Horror stories" about V1, indeed.

    You are kind to wish for me to defend the honor of V1 from the devoted trash-talking currently in vogue on the forum. However, it's pretty clear to me that I am being baited to make posts so that a whole pile of fabricated dung can be heaped on any such thread by a few strongly motivated individuals working to discredit the V1 or me as a person. Perhaps you saw the same sort of thing attempted in the last few days before the the offending threads were first locked, then removed entirely.

    As a point of history, on my second (and last) post on this forum, I was immediately attacked by a poster whose tone and manner reminded me of Craig Peterson. All of his posts were later removed by the moderators. But, it took a while.

    Should I return to posting on the forum, it would take no time for another like character (or even a team of them) to start whacking away at me.

    Why is this? I speculate that it is because I am the recognizable figurehead representing a product held to be superior to other brands by its owners. My competitors would like nothing more than to see the V1's (and my) reputation sullied, even if it takes an underhanded method to do the job. It's been going on for over a decade and I can see no advantage in making it easy for them.

    I'm also not going to make it easy to reverse engineer our trade secrets by publishing "release notes" for every minute variation of software. The V1 is not a computer and there are many delicate interactions between the software and the microwave receiving components. Detailed release notes might entertain a few bleeding edge consumers but it could also lead to giving away an important amount of manufacturing "black magic" that is contained in every V1. People that insist that we're hiding information from them only have our competitors' interests at heart. Truly important changes in the V1 are available in the "Upgrades" section of our web site.


    Mike Valentine

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    Locked for rubbish control and attack control!

    Since there has been some confusion over Mike V.'s response above I would like to clarify that the above response was a PM that had been posted with permission regarding some V1's that were manufactured previous to September 2006. Nowhere in that correspondence does Mike V. stipulate he is extending any warranties beyond the original printed warranty so please don't read into it more that what is said. (edited 2-4-2008)



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