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    Default Got My V1 Today !!!

    I travel on high way a lot (almost 400 miles total every weekend), so I decided to get a detector - after I got two speeding tickets in two consecutive days for being a "rabit". I trust your comments & ratings, and got myself a V1 (revision 3.856 I guess). Just got a call from my sister that it has arrived!! Hehehe, I'm ready to test it on a 200mile trip after work today. I spent $400 for the thing, better not giving me any freaken "E" error or else I'd be REAL PISSED!!! By the way, could anyone please tell me how can I check for the "revision" number???

    Thanks a lot

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    Look here:

    If you are one of the very rare few to get an E, contact VR I'm sure they will correct any legtimate problem for you.



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