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    Default Serial Numbers

    I was messing around w/ the submitting random 10 digit serial numbers, and it apears this is the lowest serial number, or the 'first' V1 manufactured.


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    Status Report on Your Valentine One
    Serial Number 0000000301

    V1 Description: First V1 series, with X, K, and “wideband” Ka covering 34.2-35.2 GHz. No laser warning.

    Comment: this version was excellent in the early 90s, but subsequent introduction of “superwide Ka (33.4-36.0 GHz)” radar means that it won’t find some of today’s most commonly used Ka radar guns.

    Upgrade Recommendation: Very risky not to have coverage of the full Ka bandwidth. Upgrades add our latest front-and-rear laser warning, also “internal” Mode Memory, LEDs for band identification, and POP Protection and Euro Mode. Upgrading is strongly advised.



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