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    Default Range Report.. (or should it be Radar Report?)

    I moved the RD to on the windshield, just below my RVM. (I moved the dice too... It was covering up my parking pass for college lots..)

    On my way to school today, I stopped at a red light. My RD was going off (thinking it might have been the light) till I pulled away.. and it started getting louder and louder (on X band..). I started looking out for the bogey when I saw him on the other side (going westbound) with his lights on.. in the process of pulling someone over. (must have left it on)

    But damn.. about the time when I started picking up heavy activity, was a good distance from where the cop was... plus, the time was pretty short (when we passed eachother) for obvious reasons.

    I took a pic from google earth, as to where I started picking him up, and where I crossed him (the pink shows where he pulled over the guy.. I dunno where the cop was orginally when I started to pick him up)


    Does anybody else pick up activity when going near traffic lights? I always get a traffic light or two that I get false readings from... might be just a NJ thing. I have started putting on 'l' for around town/city highway.. and "A" for major highway.

    Overall.. done well so far.

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    Default Yep

    Some traffic lights use X-band to determine if there is traffic in a certain direction, and then switch the signals - I run into them every now and then in NY - but I know where they are. I also had 1 or 2 using K-band for the same thing - look for a RADAR antenna mounted on the pole or near it.. probably will look like a small rectangular box.

    Some use this for red-light ticketting too, others dig up the ground under the intersection and install sensors under the pavement to detect when a car moves over it.

    Not really a false, it's a legit source of radar, just not a threat.

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    Around the Maryland beltway, as well as other parts of the state, the State Highway Administration has X band radars set up at various spots to determine the traffic flow (or lack of). That information is passed along to all of the news stations for traffic reports. Some stations report the actual speeds associated with each radar(and sometimes camera) spot.




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