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    Default Is it a Ka False ???

    Ok, today's my first time turning the X-band detection off. On my way back from work, the V1 went off on a Ka alert and started to increase up to strength level 3-4. It kept beeping for like 10 seconds (at level 4) then silenced. Since I was on the highway and there's no building or store on the sides (I believe Ka band is not used in automatic doors anyway), I just assumed it was a Cobra detector ahead of me or something. But then at another section of the highway I ran into the same freaken problem!!! I can't blame it on the poor Cobra all the time you know. So, I wonder if it's a false that some of V1 owners might occassionally get? I never had this experience on "Ka" before I turned the X-band off. I'll see if I ever run into similiar situation again.....which I hope not.

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    Well having the same occurance on different parts of the road sounds like either the cobra user is following you (Doubt this one) OR more likely their was a LEO using Instant On KA. I don't know if they use IO KA where you are but it sounds likely they do. I could be wrong but that is what it sounds like to me.


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    honestly it sounds like you picked up some instant on a ways down the road and then got some more as you got closer, normally when you get a cobra the strength meter will not raise, when i get cobras i get a one strenght measure and then it will J it out. ive been doing testing with other RD and T.V remotes and it, well at least mine so far every time i get a Ka and it rises or remains without being J'ed out is always a LEO. If i were you i wouldnt doubt the V1 and just listen to what its telling you better safe then sorry



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