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    Default Can't figure out k-band mute feature

    Like the topic says...I'm trying to get k-band to stay muted until it gets 6 lights. I'm in L mode.

    I have software version 3.826. I bolded everything that I think is/was relevant for muting k-band until 6 lights.

    1 = off
    2 = on
    3 = on
    4 = on
    5 = more responsive
    6 = on
    7 = enabled
    8 = control lever
    9 = control knob

    b = down
    C = down
    d = down
    E = down
    F = up
    G = up

    H = off
    I = off
    J = on
    u = off

    What am I missing? Any ideas?

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    It's working, you just don't know it because of your settings.
    You're forgetting that there are two thresholds, you are breaking the three seconds of minimum mute time with no visual or sound notification before regular volume because you are using advanced logic mode.
    If you were in logic mode (I) you would see the muted volume LED's for three seconds before regular volume.
    xXCriticizeXx did the same thing with seven seconds here:

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    yeah, that did it for me....thx alot for your help dave.



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