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    Default Protector screen reduce sensitivity?

    I'm new on here but not new to V1 , this is my forth one already, 2 got upgraded and 1 got stolen and this is my forth one, I tried out the x50 recently.... hm I would say it's impressive but I can't live without the arrow...anyways , I placed my radar in a compartment box when it's not in use, even with the V1 case the screen still easily get scatch , I put some tape on it but I am worry about reducing the performance of the laser alert .... it's just clear transparent piece of tape what do u guys think?
    VR said mount high is the best way for radar , but what about for laser , stationary like to aim at the license plate or headlight area.

    somebody should come up with some protection rubber case and protector screen for the V1 just like the Ipod.

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    Much ado about nothing, imo; minor scratches probably won't do much of anything to your detector's performance.

    Also wouldn't add anything else to the lens, like tape; whether or not it's a huge problem for detecting, I'm not sure, but I would imagine it couldn't be too bad.

    Mount high! The V1 has awesome laser sensitivity as is, and even with mine mounted well behind the tint strip of an '03 Corvette, I've gotten laser alerts from front plate hits. (Also got ticketed right after on one of them...)



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