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    Default Where is the best place to buy V1?

    Any V1 dealers in Canada?

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    Nope - only factory direct.

    If v1 won't shiop to you -

    Message me and we'll set something out where you pay for it, ship to me - and I shiop to you. I've doen this for a few members already. But sorry, no one else carries the v1 except fleabay and v1 factory

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    If you live or drive in a province where RDs are banned, I would definitely consider a Bel Sti instead of a V1. Don't get me wrong I have 2 V1s and like them very much, but I don't live or often drive in a "RDs banned area".

    The following is a quote from

    Recently, we've been hearing of another radar-detector detector, the Spectre RDD. Used first in Canada, enforcers of detector bans in Virginia and Washington, DC, and the nationwide ban in heavy trucks, surely have this tool on their must-have list. It claims to have been designed specifically "to detect the latest state of the art stealth-type radar warning receivers." Does it find V1? Very likely, according to reports we've been hearing from a few V1 users. One participant in an internet chat room, who claimed to be a Canadian enforcer, said "I've snagged a Valentine 1 already." We've been unable to acquire a Spectre RDD for testing. Until we can do so, be advised that no super-heterodyne receiver is perfectly undetectable, and that includes V1.

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    from the test's i have seen , the Valentine-1 is only detectable from 166 feet away. (still half of a football field) so it is one of the least leaky units out there.

    There is a guy in new Zealend that modifies them so they are not detectable (Mike Z., or something lke that?)

    So far the STI is still undectable by most commercially available radar detector detectors. although some videos do show it leaks at a certain detectable frequency .

    if you are in a banned area, get the STI, but just because you have an undetectable unit, any cop (with a brain) could still figure it out. All they would need to do is operate their radar, and watch for brake lights. it's a dead giveaway



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