Just got my V1 in the mail today and of course dropped everything and went for a brief drive around town. Entered program mode and I got a rev 3.856, ordered it thursday of last week.
My first impressions are

-Volume and tones: nice a lot less annoying than loud tones on my x50 but still loud enough to be heard over my music at reasonable volume.

-Ease of use, not too bad (I have read enough about it on the forum that I felt like I had already owned one when I plugged it in), I didnt drive long enough to go through most of the features, but I tried muting a few signals and it was a little more frustrating than my mute button mounted to the dash for my x50 but nothing to gripe about, I usually dont mute alerts unless I have people in the car.

-A mode: pretty noisy around X band door openers bogeey lock tone got repetitive sound three three or more times as it would gain and lose signal from one messy parking lot I drive next to. Otherwise fine, K band was very similar to my x50 at all the local falses as well.

-l mode: I really like this, it quieted things up drasticly near x-band falses same as A fr K band because I havent programmed anything yet.

-L mode: made it like I had completely disabled X band, IMO it freaked me out a little bit knowing there was an x band false near that wouldnt show up at all unless it went above th set level, certainly not meant for the open road.

-J function: had my trusty crapra in the glove compartment powered it on and V1 went nuts on x and ka bands at least the arrows pointed the right direction. Only once of the five or six times I powered it on did the V1 actually J out the signal, ( a little disappointed I might say, oh well no complaints as long as it doesnt J legit sources Im cool). Also falsed pretty bad off my x50 but if I powered the x50 on first and waited for it to warm up and then powered on the V1 they were both silent and behaved well next to each other (still am not gona run em at the same time so dont flame me).

-Laser, d@mn that thing is sensitive, with the remote from my radio just pushing the buttons once set off the V1 whereas with my x50 it has to be a perfect angle and distance and I have to punch multiple buttons rapidly to set it off, no laser false yet but then again no interstate driving either.

Thats it for now, I will keep this post as a running log of my 30 days with the V1, who knows, Ebay may be getting an x50 in the near future...