I have used a V1 v.1.7 but it was a long time ago.

I do like the arrows a lot and the bogey counter but it is just false too much compare against the original Escort 8500. I sold both on bay and upgraded to X50.

I notice the X50 reception Ka isn't as good as the old one, especially, on the rear Ka signal due to the lack of rear antenna. A lot of cops are using Ka in my area and you can see it in (go.mouse) videos when he was driving in Vancouver. One of the good video from him recently was the Oct 2nd with detection of two police Ka radar on Hwy99 and you will see how important the rear reception is because another crown vic was following him all the way.

Anyway, I am a bit concern on the J issue. I understand the meaning of J'ings out real alert but what is J'ings out a false alert? Does only the Cobra RD set the V1 off? If I turn POP off, will it eliminate J'ings problem?

I hope the newest version 3.858 is the REAL fix for the E message. I don't want to send the RD back and forth because I am living in Canada. RD is legal here and V1 will send it to the western Canada provinces.

Can any of you answer my questions with a suggestion? I hope (go.mouse) is here with me and to be my pet. LoL. :twisted: