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    Default First Ka encounter with the new V1

    I was out driving around last night in an area I usually see cops in on SC hwy 276 and as I approach the top of a hill that then descends down about 3/4 of a mile to a bridge followed by a decent right hand curve, cops love to sit right around the bend and pounce on unsuspecting drivers after they speed down the long hill and round a corner to be met by a lower speed limit.
    So Im out on the road a few cars in front of me, and about 50 yds from the top of the hill I get a brief alert of Ka, jumps to about 2bars and drops. I am now at the top of the hill and lights up again jumping to 3 bars then dropping it goes silent until about half way down the hill where I turn to change roads and Ka jumps to about 5 bars, I exit and as I get about even with the bridge I get another breif Ka alert about 2 bars and then nothing. I was never really next to or passed the trap (if it was where I think it was) so the arrows didnt ever tell me much. Judging by where this trap is usually set though I had a just over a mile warning to IO with a hill and a corner, I'd say Im pretty satisfied.

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    sounds like a nice defeat on IO.

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    Knowledge is power.

    You are in an area that you know is a popular trap.

    No regular falses. (even though you didn't say that)

    Ka blip before the crest, then stronger at the top.

    Tells you everything you need to know.....



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