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    Default Anyone who has mounted v1 both High and Low

    Well I ran two v1's the last two days - *(yeah I know, cardinal sin)*

    One is a 3.858 that is being sent out tomorrow and one is my 3.856. I had one mounted high in normal and the other mounted low but still high enough to be over windshield wipers and the like.

    My Impressions

    Against Faless: For some reason the lower detector (no matter which one - I swapped them) would always alert to the falses about a second 1/2 earlier than the higher one.

    Against LEOs: they would both go off at the same time. Had an LEO running instant on and got about 1.2 miles on an alert both went 1 blip and off - than when he got close enough to the car I was following we got toasted and both went full alert. I knew he was comming.

    Against ghosting - the lower one would always go up to like 4 and 5 while the higher mounted one would be more accurate to say.


    Its just my opinions and I have no video or anything to prove it -

    Take it or leave it. Its obviously not scientific but its something

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    K band speed sign by my house (on the highway) i got a one mile detection mounted left of RVM and a one mile detection with it mounted about 2 or 3 inches above the dash... no difference really..... only thing i noticed is how much less of a signal i get when there are semi's on the road and it sucks

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    Default ya i have noticed this too

    I have noticed this too that even if you do mount v1 high you really don't gain infact it seems as if you loose. Which is weird i just contributed it to the highth of my vehicle huh maybe this isn't that then? I wonder what v1 has up their sleeves on this one probably trying to improve their laser again ive found mine works the best mid windsheild.

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    Default way to go

    Way to go mid windshield folks! I agree w/ alpine!



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