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    Default Without the arrows, sometimes it is better not to have RD.

    Most users said that we slow down whenever we hear an alert, so the arrows are not necessary. Others simply say that they can live without the arrows.


    The following are the scenarios I have encountered where the V1 shines.

    Case A: I drove past an intersection at a speed of 50mph in a 30mph zone. The V1 showed a weak signal on the side and then it became on the rear for about 6 seconds. Of course, my first reaction was to slow down when I heard the alert but I accelerated back to 50 after I saw the arrows. If I had my X50 with me, I would ask myself: Is it a K band instant on far away? It will keep me insecure for the next mile.

    Case B: I had my X50 with me one day, all the sudden I had a weak K band alert for a long time and it ramped up slowly till is full and all the sudden is gone. I think it was from behind and the cops made a turn at the intersection. If I have a V1 with me, I would know for sure and I won't have to still think of it. :?

    Case C: Driving my everyday route with my V1 in city. Whenever I receive an intermittent K-band signal showing at front and I know it is not a false alert, I can pick another path without even encounter it. :wink:

    To sum it up, the X50 gives me a good warning time but more questions lingering in my mind. The V1 arrows solve my insecurity and worry and I feel confident to drive with it. Without arrows, sometimes it is better not to have a radar detector.

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    I agree X2.

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    I agree X3, but then i do slow down with either detector.. I am using the X50 now.. while my Jeep ges worked on tomorrow so i will see how it compares

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    when i have a friend in my car and it picks up a LEO running radar, tell them where the cop is and they say how do u know that?? I point and say the Arrow's man...the Arrow's.

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    You can't ignore those alerts from behind though all the time as LEOs can clock you using instant on from behind just as easy as from in front of you. Sometimes it would be nice to have the arrows just to know where the signal is but I'll deal without arrows until I can afford a V1 in the future.

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    Fact-The point of the antennas is to show u where the signal is
    Fact-The reason the v1 has the arrows is because it has a rear antenna
    Fact-No other detector has a rear antenna
    Fact-No other detector therefore needs the arrows
    Fact-V1's arrows are a feature that, if available, no1 would think twice
    Fact-V1 owns all

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    You don't have to tell me :wink:

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    I agree X4.

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    puts my mind at ease when the V1 J's out Ka if I see side arrows before the J I am not affraid that it J'd a cop on accident...

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    Case A: So you've got a LEO possibly shooting IO behind you and your response is to resume speeding :roll:

    Case B: And you'd have done what differently? Check Case A and probably speed up to outrun the LEO :roll:

    Case C: This just seems so deranged. Why would anybody do this? :roll:



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