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    Default Lost: mount it high or low ... that's the question !

    Hi to All

    Well this subject had been probably discussed but untill now I do not know where to mount my V1.
    Mike recommands to mount it high, Radar Roy recomands to mount it the lowest as possible.
    Can someone has some test to provide me, in order I can finally decide me to mount it in the right place ?
    Till today I can read comments for and against but nothing comes to me to take the good decision for the best laser detection (we all know that this is the most terrible thing to detect before you're burned !)

    Thanks for help


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    Default mount

    I believe Mike V. has the best explination on his website.....mount it high. I have mine hardwired under the trim to above the leftside of the RVM. It is out of sight due to window tinting....and the wire being hid.

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    Mount it high and level and hardwire it just as Mike V suggests.

    Here is an article explain the advantages of both high and low mounting

    Spoiler: show

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    Quote Originally Posted by V1 Owner's Manual
    Where to Mount
    Valentine One works best when mounted high in the
    windshield, and toward the center between the windshield
    pillars. Use your choice of windshield or visor mounts.
    • When properly mounted, the front antenna will look
    forward through the glass. It must have an unobstructed
    view. Don’t put it behind the parked windshield wipers,
    or directly behind an in-glass antenna. Don’t position it
    so that it "looks" into the rearview mirror.
    • The rear antenna will look rearward, between
    passengers and out the rear glass. It, too, must have an
    unobstructed view.
    • Detector performance is enhanced by a high mounting
    position. Two reasons. For radar, a longer sight line to
    the horizon always helps. For laser, moving away from
    the hood and its sun reflections helps a lot.

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    Exactly as directed in the manual.

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    One more vote for mounting it high, plus it's out of sight more.



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