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    Default V1 remote mute switch review

    After having mine for the last 3 months, how did I ever live without it? Bought it off the place we can't mention. Just too lazy to make my own and the price is cheap. Mounted it on the turn signal stalk switch. Using it now is second nature. I enter an area with known falses, I simply use my finger to silence the alert. Never have to take my hand off the wheel or eyes of the road. A 10 bucks WELL spent. Why V1 does not produce a remore stalker switch is beyound me. A must have in my book!

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    Should have mine this week. This will help me tremendously because i don't like the automuting of the V1 and with the switch pretty handy, i don't have to reach up for the RD. Like you, i just wondered why VR never thought about it. But maybe and just maybe, VR is watching and listening. I wished they'ed also change those LEDs to multi color instead of just having all red LEDs.

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    Luckily where I put my hands on my steering wheel I only have to open up a finger to hit the mute button on my lifespeed display

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    Does this work along with the concealed display?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AV8TOR
    Does this work along with the concealed display?
    Yes, you just have to get a RJ-11 line splitter to use it.



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