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Thread: First V1 Save!

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    Default First V1 Save!

    I've had my V1 3.858 for five days now and all I have been picking up are automatic doors and Cobras, lol. Today, I finally ran into a speed trap.

    I was on my way to my school this morning for my Bio class. There were about ten of us driving in a pack going about 65mph (PSL 45). I was the last car in the pack. I then recieved a K band warning so I slowed down to about 48mph. I kept driving for a bit and didn't seen anything, but the warning was still there. The pack didn't slow down, lol. Then, I saw a cop ahead pull out of the bushes ahead of me and take off after the pack. Thank you V1!!!!! I'm loving this new toy.

    Then, I drove into school and picked up the normal K band speed sign they have. I passed the speed sign and the arrow went to the back. I then made a right turn to the parking lot and I picked up another bogey to the front. Sure enough, a University police car was waiting to pick off some more speeders. Thanks to the bogey counter and arrows, I was able to tell that there was a police car ahead in addition to the speed sign.

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    Awesome! Now I'm even more anxious for my V1 on Christmas (thanks dad)!!

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    We all love these stories very much

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    Add a little creative flair and send it to Valentine to see if you cant get yourself a keychain or vest...



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