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    Default What do you look at first?

    Other than the obvious of slowing down what do you look at first when you are hit by radar? I have used an 8500 for some 15 years before using my V1 and I still find myself looking at my speed before looking at the arrow indicator (but boy do I ever love the indicator arrow). I look at the radar type last and sometimes not at all.

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    Well for me I go right to the trip meter to calculate the distance of my alert. Since I rarely speed I don't look because I know how fast I am going by the position of my foot on the pedal and the distance between the dashed lines on the road. After the meter then it is right to the arrow direction, but with my bel I am using now it is the frequency and then my little sticky pad to jot it down at the next red light or stop sign!

    I have a sad life I know :wink:





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