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    Default V1 laser arrows confused...

    Something I noticed recently when playing with my CD player remote and the laser sensors on the V1. If I aim the remote at the front laser sensor, from any distance out to arms length all the way to right on the lense, the rear arrow will light up as the alert sounds. Then if I move around to the rear sensor and put the remote up to the rear sensor the front arrow lights up but as I move the remote out to a few inches on out to arms length, the arrows switches to the rear...
    Why is this, seams like if the front sensor got hit the front arrow would light but I cant make it do that. The only time I have seen the front arrow go off was when I have been behind a trailblazer or when I got a head on cruise control false, only other car on the road was coming at me. Still no real laser hits to reference to, but with my remote the arrows cant make up their mind.

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    good be reflection of laser from the back that it making the back arrow light up

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    The sensor you're aiming at sees the signal from the remote as "not looking enough like laser" to trigger an alert, but the opposite side sees a weaker reflection that it can't discriminate to determine if it's real or not, so it lights up that arrow instead.
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