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    Default Strange Intermittent Power When Cold

    As the weather got colder, I had this really strange brief intermittent power issue when I first started out in my car. My V1 would turn off and back on again. I thought it was one of the RJ11 ends going bad. But what it turned out to be was the inline fuse holder going to the wired power receptacle. I took it out of the car and just ohmed it out on the bench. If I wiggled one end just right it would drop out very momentarily. The crimps and contacts were clean and both ends are spring loaded. But one of the springs had crept over the end that contacts the fuse, creating a poor contact. Something to check for if anyone ever experiences the same thing.

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    Mine acts a little weird when it's cold out, too. I thought it was the plug ends of the cord, as well, but found a cure for the problem. If I pull the connector out of the cigarette lighter and wrap my hand around it for a minute or two and plug it back in, it works as normal.



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