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    Default uh oh special reflective windshield??? heads up display ques

    Hi guys. I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with heads up display. ( you know the digital speedo reflected off the windshield in front of the driver) I am getting a new windshield put in on Monday due to some recent bad luck. My dad said it is possibly a special windshield that reflects the heads up display better. Does that mean that it will reflect a radar detector and hinder the performance? I was all fired up to order a new V1 next week ( first ever rd ) but now I’m concerned it wont work very good because of this “ special windshield” if there is really anything special about it. Any of you radar detector gurus running a rd in a vehicle with heads up display?

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    Usually the HUD windshields only have that layer of reflective stuff where the HUD displays onto it... I may be wrong though.

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    it really shouldnt matter too much, like I have my alert LED on the hardwire kit on top of my gauge cluster housing and it's visible in my line of sight on the windsheild most of the time unless theres an idiot coming at me with his brights on

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    xoch1 - I'd recommend that you search out an enthusiast Forum dedicated to your vehicle.

    The GTP has quite a following, so I'm sure that this won't be too hard to do.

    Ask some questions there to make sure that what we think (that your "reflective" section for the HUD is very limited, and does not extend to the rest of the windshield's area).

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    I have a 04gtp and you do need a special windshield make sure that the instalation company knows this and installs the correct winshield it has HUD in the bottom corner and costs alot more than a normal whinshield. If they install a non hud windsheild the display will be blured or faint to the eye. There is no range deduction with the HUD windsheild i have a 8500 x50 and my unit picked up k and ka from upto 2 miles away.



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