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    Default Would this work?

    Hey everyone,

    First of all happy holidays...and happy driving with ur V1. I was curious if anyone tried this or would know if this would work. I was thinking of the cleanest way to install/hide my V1 and I wondered....I found a website that sells retractable RJ11 phone cords...which apparently is what the V1 uses....correct me if I am wrong...I think that is what it is. So does anyone think this retractable cord would actually work effectively?


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    Doesnt a well-hidden hardwire install have the same effect, or simply running a flat RJ-11 cord from the V1 to the V1 Cig. Adaptor....

    I mean go to RS and get a ~15foot telephone cord, and just hide it?

    With the aforementioned in mind, I wouldnt see why a 'retractable' one wouldnt work, as long as it has the 2 RJ-11 ends one for the V1 and one for the Cig adaptor.

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    I definitely agree with Air, I think a retractable will look extremely tacky - take an hour or two and just install the thing the way its meant to be done.

    Stealth is the best, and you'll appreciate your hard work in the end.

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    thx for the suggestions. Probably right...I'll just end up doing it the good old fashion way



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