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    Default Maybe buying a V1

    I'm most likely putting my x50 on ebay soon. I need help choosing a new rd. I came down to the v1 and sti. I can get both of them for the same price. How bad are the J issues with the new v1's? My friend loves his v1 to death and I've seen it at work(impressive). His is a bit noisy though(5 years old). Do the new v1's false less. I don't know anyone with an sti. But from what i read they false less. My main threats are Ka and K(local cops). Laser not as much only in the summer around here. I guess what i'm asking are the v1 and sti both pretty much similar as far as detecting range for k and ka. Is there a difference other than price also? I live in NY

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    Ka they should be very close, however, many Sti users rave about its Ka detection... so it may have a slight edge there.

    The V1 wins on K band without question vs. the Sti.

    Other then that... the V1 has arrows and front/rear antennas obviously, the STi is Spectre Immune just incase you do any traveling where RD's are illegal.

    Those are the main differences.

    Both will serve you well... you will be spending an extra 100 dollars (over the X50) for little to no extra protection.

    Goodluck, and check the search button for more information.

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    To add to airmoore's, the V1 can be upgraded to a newer version in the future and the STi won't. The issues i had with the earlier version Sti's was falsing so much with Ka band from other RD's. The newer version might be better until you test it. You will havelonger alert time with the V1 because it has front and rear antenna and may be annoying for previous X50 owners because it does not have the automute feature.

    Buy both and try them - the only way to tell which one you will like best. It is your findings, experience with using it and your decision that counts. Not ours. But our suggestions can be used for you to confirm or deny some of the experience we had with the RD's mentioned. It's personal preference that makes the difference and your's can be different than ours. Both of them has a 30 day returnn policy. Like airmoore, either one will serve you well including your X50. Goodluck.

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    So it would be more or less a foolish move to get rid of my current x50 is what your saying? I'm just looking for some extra rear protection and a little bit more warning time. Sometimes these NYST like to get sneaky and cruise behind you. From what i understand from posts and testing is that v1 gives you a bit earlier warning time.

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    Not only that but you will be able to tell where the radar source is coming from front/rear?? Its not 100% all the time if you are in town around lots of things but on the highway the arrows are 99.9% corrrect



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