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    Default Bad V1 or just bad luck?

    I got my v1 about 2 weeks ago. I have posted before how I live in Greenville SC and how all the cops use KA here. So I have my v1 on "l" mode most of the time and hard wired and mounted right near my rvm, so itís mounted up high.

    I have run across 5-7 leo's running KA and a lot of Leo's running no radar. Every leo it picked up within .2 miles.

    IMO i felt that my 30$ cobra picked them up this far too. So I am not getting the range I expected. Think I should send it back to v1 and get a different v1 one, or am I just having bad luck?

    Any comments would be great, thanks!


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    keep the cobra in the car and when u find a speed trap run by it with the V1 then in the same direction run by it with the cobra. This will really tell you the difference and whether your V1 is defective. 2 weeks of use may not be long enough to get the amazing 2 or 3 mile save, so give it more time.

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    not really bad luck as you haven't gotten a ticket yet, but remember that a v1 or any rd won't give you much protection from instant-on radar and those 5-7 leo's could have been using that.

    make sure you v1 is mounted parallel to the road and level and also has a clear line of sight to the road. i can't tell you how many people i drive past /w rd's that have them pointed to the ground :?:

    just relax and everything will work itself out soon. one day you will be in a rush somewhere and the v1 will alert you and save you from a ticket.

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    Default send it back for a check up

    I would have Valentine ops ck my unit. My V1 has good range on ka.

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    Default welcome

    Welcome newcomers to the board. Since I see you are new to the V1, give it a little time. It takes time to get used to the V1. 8)

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    Default bad luck

    Talk about bad luck.

    I got a radar ticket for doing 86 in a 65 the day i got my RX-65.

    Keep that V1, unless you find out for sure it's defective.

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    Default well

    I was sitting a red light, making a left. And i started to go and u know i shift pretty fast when first starting out, but I noticed the lights behind me where crownvic headlights, so after 2nd i slowed down, and then BOOM full KA alert on the V1. Got to love rear radar



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