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    Default I've had it for over a month...

    ...and it is amazing.

    I used a Whistler 1744 once in awhile before that but it was nothing compared to this. I figured all are the same and that the V1 wouldn't be much different, but I was wrong. The V1 is awesome.

    I haven't been on the Thruway yet with it, but I will be on Friday and Saturday. No legit laser alerts... just two falses at Arby's and one false at some other restaurant... red neon lights maybe?

    Monroe County Sheriff uses about 70% K band and 30% Ka band. It beeps for miles on K band sometimes when I'm on a straightaway and the cop is coming towards me. Always plenty of warning. The Ka band is pretty good too... usually tons of warning on straight aways. Just one time where I made a turn in a curve and got a full alert because it was a sharp curve... only had about five seconds to slow down but was saved (cop was coming towards me with constant on Ka band).

    It's fun on campus because the Campus Safety always keeps their guns on... two K band and two Ka band.

    K band falses at times are annoying, but even if I'm getting 6 or 7 bogeys, it might normally only be at 5 bars, but if there is a cop, I still will know, because it will be at full strength. It's warned me a few times too in the shopping areas.

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    I found that i'd get the best range on gatsos when there was an empty road, if traffic was infront it would only decrease my range.

    It would detect gatsos at obscene distances, i found this amasing how it could detect them this far, it must be sensitive.......

    k band gatsometers are hard to detect but the v1 made it look too easy, i do miss not having mine.....

    as for laser the v1 alerted when they fired at the car next to me on my right.



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