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    Default Connecting a V1 to the Homelink system... will this work?

    Hello, these are directions I got for connecting a v1 to the homelink system in the RVM. I am wondering if this will work and NOT cause problems:

    1)Cut the end of the phone jack looking wire that comes with the V1. Only need to cut the end you intend on attaching to the HomeLink harness.

    2) The harness is in the back of the mirror, no need to disasemble the mirror. Just unplug the harness and unwrap some of that black plastic closer to the end of the plastic connector. It may be uncomfy while working so pull your seat all the way up.

    3) From the end that you cut the phone jack off on your V1 wire,the ends of the Green Wire (this is your ground) and the ends of the red wire (this is your +12V) are all you will connect to the homelink. The yellow and black will not be used.

    4) Go to Home depot and buy wire taps. They are about 2 bucks at any electrical hardware store.

    5) On your harness there will be three wires, a Black/Pink, Black, Black/Red. You will use the wire taps to connect your RED (V1 wire) to the harness's BLACK/PINK and your GREEN (V1 wire) will go to the all BLACK wire in the middle of the Homelink connector. And your done.

    If you don't know, wire taps will allow you to steal power from the harness without having to CUT the wires, this way you can always go back to original condition if need be.

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    sounds good!..
    just make sure to put a fuse in that red line, just in case..

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    Sounds extremely detailed and well informative.

    Sounds very good, I'd try it.

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    or, just do like a did, and buy an invisicord. google it. good luck 8)

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    Yes buy an invisicord! I ordered mine tonight



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