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    I was driving on the campus of school on my way out. I drove past the library and got the usual 2 bogie k-band false. The bogie jumped up to three for a second, but I half ignored it. I kept driving past it and got a 3 bar signal of K-band to the front. I never remember a false ahead, so I slowed down to the PSL. About 100yds later, I got full a K-band alert. The cop was hiding behind a bush in one of the curves. He was outside of his car with a handheld radar gun. The V1 sang on full blast as I passed him. I drove around three more times and got the video camera out. The video didn't quite turn out though. I tried taking another one, but he was gone on the fourth trip, lol. I guess he figured that I was slowing all the traffic down, lol. Thank goodness for the sensitive V1!

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    i love V1 falses



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