Just received v1 3.858 today excellent unit i am once again highly impressed with my v1 it is outpreforming once again as it used to... ESPECIALLY ON LASER MY GOD! i can actually point my lidar in my lap while sitting trying to shoot laser and my v1 goes of laser with the three dashes!! I thought my god that thing is sensitive to lidar! So i went out and got like 4 hits last night with it 2 ka band 2 k band and it ate them up equally so its doing outstanding vids of the new unit coming soon just gotta dub these and waiting on my t1 line they came and hardwired it up but don't look like it will actuallly be fully hooked up till like next week now they are sure taking there time waiting for parts and shipping ...hence why the alpine likes his next day air right nma? Sorry all just very impatient and im sick of these guys holding me up for uploading content.