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    Default IO Encounter...Probably would've got a ticket if speeding...

    So I'm driving my regular commute on I81 South after I got out of college yesterday evening. So far the ride was pretty boring not much happening except massive amounts of people driving home and clogging the highway South and North.

    When approaching Kellog Hill it has become a conditioned response to slow down within 65-72max range because there is almost always mr.oink chilling on the on-ramp hidden from traffic until he's in your rearview. I start ascending the hill and saw the cop approx.~.75 miles and my V1 is just sitting there quiet...then WHAM! Brap-brap goes crazy for about 2-3 seconds (kinda wish at this point i brought spare underwear )

    This scenario worries me because I know if i was the only one driving on the highway i would've been toast if i was speeding. Grr IO :x

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    Yes, instant, no radar detector going to help in those cases of hill cresting or instant on encounters or being the lone person going down the road.

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    Default Yes ..

    Yes... i used to live in watertown fort drum ny i know the very Leo you are talking about.. I have at times wondered if this Leo might be useing laser as 90 percent of the time when i passed i never even received a ka alert! And that is pretty much all they use up there in watertown jefferson county. I know exactly where you are talking about by kellog hill and yes that officer is always there.. seems every day to every other day he is trying to nail fort drum guys on there way home often times to get a pay check cause he knows soldiers will definetly pay the fine. If not there chain of command will mess there day up plus the court system. SO its guarenteed money other places to watch for instant on ka in that area... on i-81 north boud just north of the last watertown exit after that nice long bend to the left right before that group of trees and after the bridge on north i-81 they sit there to nail fort drum guys too! Watch it they are sneaky! Last location ive seen them sitting just before you get to canada and after those hills north of fort drum there is a spot where it kinda flattens off just after the last section of them nice rolling hills and there is one of them nice little cross ways they love to sit here as well ive seen a speed trap set up through out this hole location they have the first staty sit at kellog hill the next just north of watertown then the next just north of fortdrum...hope i was of some help lived out there for quite a while more than long enough to figure them idoits out i had them so figured out i could do like 110mph to suracuse... Pretty much did a couple of times to catch a plane or two outta the SYR airport.. good luck and don't forget to mock them for me

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