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    Default X50 Smart cord

    Will the X50 smart cord work with the V1?

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    I believe you will get power but muting will not work, power and ground are correct but the other two leads are different.

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    I had been curious about this as well because I am thinking of switching over from the X50 to a V1 in the Supra. The only thing holding me back is that I have my smartcord nicely intergrated into my dash and can't find a nice way of removing it without having an ugly hole there.

    The smartcord will power up the V1, but the mute will not work on the V1 itself or on the smartcord; which is a big deal since it will alert to more radar sources for a longer period of time than what I am used to, and the V1 does not have automute. And you will not be able to change modes on the V1; ie Logic, Advance Logic.

    The V1 and the Belscort detectors do have the same wiring for power and ground, so a regular phone jack would work for both units, just not one with the smartcord because the mute and mode wires are on opposite ends. I guess you could cut the 2 outer wires on the smart cord to turn it into a regular cord, that will power up both units but make the smartcord's purpose of mute control obsolete.

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    The V-1 has an automue feature,
    And using another manufacturers accessories on a V-1 is foolish IMO.



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