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    Default V1 Windshield Mount

    Hey guys. I have an old V1 (I think 1.7) and I understand these are a little bit bigger than the new ones.

    It is missing the windshield mount and I need to buy a new one. There is one on V1s web store for 10 bucks.

    It looks like it 'grabs' the radar detector by the top. Would this mount fit my old V1?

    By the way, the mount in the my picture was made by one of my friends and has been taken off due to its ghettoness and its tendency to fall off my windshield.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Yes, all V1 mounts are interchangeable, as they mount to a top cover that has never changed.
    So I see that you are finally going to release your 1.7 from bondage and let it go!
    What is your 1.7 version number, does it have mode memory?
    Ever consider visor mounting?

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    Default VR called

    I'm not sure if it has memory mode or not. Ill get the serial number as soon as I get to my car (end of this week, driving home from college).

    By the way, VR called today (my mom answered) and they asked for the serial number of my V1. I still need to call them back.

    Any ideas why they did this?

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    Release the gimp V1.



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