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    Default DFW, TX V1 Programing

    I spend most of my time in the DFW area, mainly fort worth and irving and wanted to see how other DFW area V1 users have their V1 programmed.

    I found one thread where some DFW area people chimed in on how they had theirs set, however I wanted to get a few more peoples preferences.

    So far all I've found as far as real threats in the area are Ka and Laser, I found one K band speed sign in irving on McCarther this weekend, but no real threats yet.

    This leads me to want to Turn off X band as I get lots of X band falses on Hulen and when I travel on I20. Im also contemplating changing the settings a bit on K band, but not disabling it all together.

    Has anyone in Texas found any POP mode being used? From some threads Ive read this will help reduce the J'ed Ka's Ive gotten several times.

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    perhaps "Outrun" could answer this one...

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    Found this link:

    I run mine all alert mode, I mainly travel on I-35 around Denton and Lewisville. I have had my V-1 for just a little over 1 month and I know where the false alerts are in the area. On the POP issue, I do not believe it is used, but I know what you mean about getting the J's..

    But if there is away you set yours up i would love to hear about it..Sorry I'm no help here.[/url]



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