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    Default Firmware 3.819 less false happy?


    I have had this new firmware for about 2 days now and I think that it falses less on K band Advanced Logic mode. At first I told Sethy that I did not think it falsed less but after driving with it for a couple of days I was wrong. I am not sure though that the range has suffered but I will be sure to let you guys know that. I do know FOR SURE 100% that the J problem has been fixed. My only question would be did they disable this feature to fix the problem? According to VR they did not disable the J feature. One thing that I will tell people that I did disable POP protection (just like I did with my X50) and it does help cut down on the falses. Maybe this is why I am seeing less falses. Again keep in mind that as of 6/23/05 you have a better chance of being abducted by aliens than you do getting hit with POP. Here is what VR had to say about the J glitch

    "The "glitch" is caused by extremely strong signals overloading the V1's receiver circuits and causing "extra" signals to be generated and confused with detector-generated junk. The V1's software has been modified to limit the recognition of junk signals when extremely strong radar signals are present."
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    I have no basis for comparison, but the "J" alert doesn't seem particularly active on my unit. I've only seen it twice on the road. I get plenty of weak Ka falses but they just go away. I also get some very strong Ka falses that don't go away until the offending detector is out of range. I'm not sure if that's due to the "fix" or if that's how it was on the original POP-2 units. Is this what folks saw with the buggy software, too?

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    I updated to the 3.819 feature as well. The "J" alert is not turned off. I have received two "J" alerts since upgrading. Drive safely and happy motoring.



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