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    Default Laser false

    On my normally quiet ride home from work tonight (2:15AM), I was driving and got a laser alert. I did not look at the detector because I was too busy slamming on my brakes once I heard it. I don't know which direction it came from, but there was no cop. There is an airport to the right of it though and other detectors always false there because of it, but the V1 never has. I was the only car on the road. Any ideas why it falsed? I thought V1's website even says airports won't set it off. All I know is, that alert woke me up...

    I turned around and drove it again and got no alert.

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    Are you sure there wasn't another car around (behind you, or coming the other way)? Infiniti FX and QX SUVs with adaptive cruise controls are notorious for causing laser alerts on V1s, among other things.
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    I vaugly remember them saying airports won't cause falses, but I belive they were talking about traffic control radar. I think they were dispeling urban legends, things like your neighbors microwave oven will trigger an alert.

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    I was the only car around. I heard the alert and took the detector down since I was expecting to receive a ticket...

    I was in a 40MPH zone, so most people wouldn't use cruise control anyway.



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