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    Default replacing the RJ-11 connector

    any RJ-11 connector & cord will do? or will i need to order it from V1.... i dont need the hardwire kit because i only need the cord.

    mine is hardwired and the plastic piece that locks the connector into place broke off so bumps in the road are making the V1 turn on and off.

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    Any RJ-11. . . as long as its not economy grade.

    Any Standard RJ-11

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    Get a RJ-11 crimping tool and some spare RJ-11 connectors and you can make the telephone cord any length you want. It's very easy. You can get both at Home Depot. Remember it is the 4 conductor cord and connector that you want.

    If you unplug your RD to take it out of the car every day, that RJ11 connector will wear out in about a year. I have a hardwire install and I left a little extra cord length to allow for connector replacement without having to replace the entire cord, which is routed through the headliner and down along the A pillar.




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