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    Default did I get busted with instant on?

    Ok so I was driving down the trans Canada highway and like an idiot I was going 160 Km/h on a 90 zone testing out my jeep and it was a straight stretch. All of a sudden my V1 goes beep beep beeep with a strong signal strength, I did a nose dive and slowed down, but the LEO said he got me at 152Km/h.

    Now when he came up to me he told me he was driving visually noticed me speeding and then caught me on radar. now heres the thing as soon as the v1 started beeping I slowed down significantly, it was on KA band.... how instant are these things. Do you think he got me on radar. Im trying to build my case for when it goes to court

    If you are wondering I got an excessive speeding ticket, he did not see my RD (love the remote display) and he had a civilian car so failed to see him on my road scan.

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    Sounds like normal Ka-band instant on. Sound like he did a visual and then busted you on IO - and it is instant.

    Dude, you're sunk. You may get the judge to lower your fee, but at nearly 105mph (160kph) it's gonna hurt no matter what defense you can dream up. Don't know what your points system is like up there but a lawyer might help.

    I've gotten up to 120mph on freeways (even last weekend) on the cycle, but I've always got a reasonably good excuse - or one with a *badge* with me. Badge trumps a RD every time. :wink:

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    Which province?

    Last I checked, the T-C ran coast to coast.

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    Default Re: did I get busted with instant on?

    Quote Originally Posted by skipper
    Im trying to build my case for when it goes to court

    Maybe an insanity plea?



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