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    Default Hardwire to Powersupply

    I am getting sick of running out to my car to check if my displays light up nicely, does anyone see a problem with hooking the hardwire kit up to a 12vdc power supply and running it that way? I dont know if there would be a problem with amps or anything, obviously the volts would be the same. I just dont want to blow 400+ figuring this out on my own. I built the power supply myself but its a reliable 12v.

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    I don't see why it wouldn't work . .

    Personally I woulda just went to the store and got a Jump Pack - those things have extremely reliable 12v.

    If it is a constant 9-15v and everything else is in check - I'd do it.

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    the V1 draws amps so an overkill 12v supply isn't just going to give it an ass load of juice. you are good to go.

    also any 12v DC converter you can find around the house should work as well. A computer power supply is alright too, but you would have to make sure you are hooking up 12v instead of 5v or 3.3v



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